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Webinar: The new trend in digital marketing.

Did you know that Subway Russia sells its franchises through video conferencing? Yes, as you read it, for several years Subway Russia found a new business model that allows it to save operating costs and that has generated new opportunities to obtain potential customers who want to start with a fast food franchise, this trend is called Webinar and it is becoming more and more popular within brands for its easy operation and excellent results. If you want to know how to implement Webinar in your brand I will explain it to you here.

Webinar is one of the most recent trends in the business world whose way of operating is through online videoconferences, it is important to clarify that Webinar is not a brand but the name that is given to this activity.

The great growth of Webinar is attributed to the ease of interaction that it has with consumers or people interested in a product or service, Webinars manage to reduce operating costs for companies and also investment costs for users who for To receive the information they will not have to go to a specific place, all they will need is to have access to the internet and they will be able to participate from their office, home or school.

Another point to highlight is that Webinar allows direct interaction between exhibitor and participants, achieving a conversation that crosses the barriers of the internet, as a user you can question and interact with the person who exhibits, but you can also do it with the other participants, this activity strengthens knowledge and allows coexistence to be of great value to you.

How does Webinar work?

Webinar has a very simple way of operating, it only requires software that supports an audiovisual transmission, currently there are various softwares that offer the opportunity to carry out a Webinar, in some cases it is necessary to hire a membership or annuity, but there are others that are completely free (obviously with limitations).

Steps to follow to use Webinar:

    1. Choose the audiovisual transmission software that you like the most and sign up.
    2. Plan an activity to do, it can be a demonstration, course, conference, class, etc.
    3. Spread it to make it known and attract participants. The form of registration of these participants will depend on your objectives, you decide if you want to charge or let them register for free.
    4. Develop the activity and interact with your participants.
    5. Analyze the results obtained.

This is the general process of how to develop a Webinar, I remind you that the effectiveness and success depends on the content you offer and the correct dissemination using various strategies such as Google AdWords or Facebook Ads.

Webinar as a digital marketing strategy.

As we know, digital marketing has become the indispensable partner of any brand that wants to reach all those people whose main means of communication is the internet, to achieve this, digital marketing integrates different tools that complement each other, making it a very powerful weapon; Within that wide catalog of tools is Webinar, this time I present an example of how its correct execution can help you in the positioning of your page.

Suppose we have a cooking school and we want to increase our student portfolio, to achieve this we make the decision to implement a free sample class with one of our best chefs through Webinar, we give it the correct diffusion and we generate that several people register, On the day of the presentation, our chef develops the class highlighting his gastronomic skills and maximizing his qualities as master of the kitchen, during the 20-minute class the chef manages to transmit the essence of our school thanks to his excellent explanation and interaction with the participants, Awakening in them the interest of knowing more recipes, before the end of the session the chef informs that by participating in the sample class they are already credited with a 20% discount on their enrollment to the full course, the final result of our strategy through Webinar was that 50% of the attendees signed up for the school.

This is just an idea of ??how to implement Webinar in our digital marketing strategy, the way to use it will depend on the objectives we want to achieve with our brand.

Done, it's time to use Webinar for your brand

As we realized, Webinar is a great promotion and sales tool with great advantages for our company, in other words, Webinar can function as a digital sales agent whose é