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Fall in love with your customers with Storytelling.

Most of the people who have seen Diary of a Passion dream of having a story similar to that of Allie and Noah, their love awakens in us the illusion of finding a person with whom to share our days, the enormous amount of feelings that that The film provokes us is the basis of its success and that over the years we continue to remember it. Based on this ability to influence, brands have developed a strategy to have a better acceptance from the public, I will tell you about Storytelling and then I will explain how to use it to your advantage to grow your company.

Within digital marketing there are various communication techniques and strategies that are used to advertise a brand, today you will discover one of the most beautiful ways that exist whose essence is directly related to the "art of telling a story"

Creating a strategy within Storytelling can be focused on various dissemination channels such as texts, audios, but undoubtedly the most effective will always be audiovisual productions, due to the ability to transmit the story using the greatest number of senses. Undoubtedly, Storytelling is a very effective strategy, but it requires a great capacity to express feelings for the message transmitted to be successful.

Express your feelings

Since we were little we have been surrounded by stories that come down to us through a storybook, movies, plays or television, most of them focused on telling fantasy stories that integrate a message of love, positivism and values, it is precisely from that load of good feelings that Storytelling feeds on to function as part of digital marketing.

And it is not enough to show a product or service, it is necessary to transmit the essence of the brand, in short, make them fall in love with us, because falling in love is one of the main reasons why a person is encouraged to buy.

Storytelling tells stories, stories that serve to wish a situation, showing scenarios that help to excite consumers, a very clear example can be that of a sun protection product, in Storytelling it is not shown what the product does, but what What you can do on a beach in the Mexican Caribbean, the fun, relaxation, peace that can be felt in a paradise like that without worrying about exposing your skin to the sun's rays, a customer who buys that sunscreen does not do it for him product itself, but because the excitement of enjoying the heat and landscapes that can be found on a Caribbean beach was sold.

One of the brands worldwide that handles Storytelling very well is Coca Cola, if we remember most of its commercials fall on happiness, showing us that feeling of being happy when sharing the table with the whole family, or when going out with your friends In their commercials, they do not sell us the product because of its characteristics such as taste or price, they sell us the happiness that that soft drink causes around us.

Why use Storytelling for my brand

After knowing how Storytelling works, it is time to highlight the benefits of using it in our digital marketing strategy.

  • The power of conviction is greater, by containing a large load of feelings it is easier to persuade the consumer because personal fibers are touched that make them identify with the situation shown.
  • Easy to remember, for our brain the stories that have caused different good or bad emotions will always be remembered for what they generated in us.
  • The most consumed strategy, without a doubt Storytelling is the best strategy that exists to position a brand, as consumers we always want to see a story that reflects what we want to achieve when acquiring a product or service.
  • Greater capacity for viralization, if the story told is effective and widely accepted by consumers, the possibility of it being shared increases considerably.
  • A good impression of our brand is generated, as it is not explicitly encouraged to sell, the persuasion of our brand generates trust by the values ??that are transmitted.

After knowing the benefits and the essence of this strategy, the time has come to use Storytelling to promote yourself, remember that the best told story and that provokes a shower of feelings in people, will make your brand be recognized. With Storytelling we have to develop that ability to sell without being explicitly identified as an advertising message, if that is achieved, the rest will be history.