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At Rockiweb we don't sell you ideas, we sell results.

Our philosophy of work allows us to be fully involved in the development of your business, we know you are not interested in a photo on Instagram with likes, you want to position your brand and sell more, right? You need more clients since That depends on your growth as a company and that launching a post on Facebook with a 20% discount promotion has not been enough.
It is time to create changes, you came to the correct digital marketing agency, we have 10 years of experience, cutting-edge technology and an incredible team to collaborate with you.
We are ready to take the challenge, and you are? for

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Online Store

You will be able to sell your products throughout the country and display them in other stores such as Amazón and Mercado Libre.

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Website Creation

Show the world how great you are, share your experience with new users so they can get to know you.

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Presence on Google

If when you type in the search engine any of your products or services do not appear anywhere, you are fried.

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Traffic Generation

We create content on various channels to attract prospects who share the same interests as you.

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Social Media

We develop stories to reach the minds and hearts of your fans and we take the opportunity to sell your brand to them.

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Web Tools

Either to increase the average ticket, to retain the customers you already have or to prospect new ones.

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Know 4 Reasons to Hire Us

Our agency is made up of multidisciplinary professionals, experts in their areas, creative, aware of the latest market trends and who love what they do so they always give the best they have.

Using this methodology allows us to unite work teams where all have the same goal and collaborate together to achieve it gradually, this is how we achieve the delivery of quality products, in the planned time and costs, without neglecting flexibility. and adaptability to new changes.

We have specialized tools that help us design projects according to the needs of each client in an objective manner and to achieve the objectives set efficiently and always adhering to the proposed budget.

Our team of experts together with the SCRUM methodology and the tools we have make RockiWeb a winning combo in which all the developed projects have high standards of guaranteed quality.

Meet Our Process



A talk that allows us to know your business and know where you are in the digital market.



We determine objectives, budgets, methods, scope and risks, competing on the internet will be an adventure.



We give you a report with the areas of opportunity that we detect and a set of strategies to follow.

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27 Oct

Paying with Bitcoins is already a reality

Knowing in detail what is the impact of our activity within a website, is essential to take future actions that allow us to improve failed strategies or to continue.

Paying with Bitcoins is already a reality
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